Merry Season

I’ve decided to start blogging! If you’re interested in following along, I’ll be posting on the first of every month starting with December 1, 2015.

Today I’m mostly interested in sharing about telling stories for the Mosaics Newcomer Centres Fall Mingle. There were about two hundred people present, families from over 30 countries and staff eager to bring everyone together. What better way than to invite a storyteller!

It was humbling to say the least. We built bridges with our voices and physically with our bodies. My wish for everyone is that we might do the same this holiday season.

Our household celebrates both Hannukah and Christmas or you can put it together and say Christmasukkah or Hannumas. In the past, I’ve been challenged on that idea and yes I understand the importance of separating the two and paying homage to the meanings of both. So far, I’m happy to report that our six year old son fully understand the stories of the oil burning for eight days and eight nights in the temple and the birth of baby Jesus.

Isn’t it wonderful how knowing a story opens up a world of understanding? A story truly can build bridges. Hold each other’s hands, my friends, and spread that bridge to Syria and beyond… also keep warm inside and out.

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